i know it’s a long time coming, but i’ve finally decided to start watching scrubs. yes, yes, i know that they are potentially in their last season and the show has been on now for 7 seasons, but i just couldn’t get into the show before. i think that it was just too off-the-wall for me, but now that i’ve started watching it, i’m really digging it.

i’ve just watched the first season and it’s been pretty good so far. what used to be too weird for me with all of the fantasy sequences is part of what makes the show special for me now. one season down, six more to go!

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  1. another good show to watch (if you haven’t been watching already) is “how i met your mother.” i recently just got into this (like 2 episodes ago) and can’t believe i haven’t been following all this time! like you, i may go back and start watching from season 1. btw, they did a doogie howser reprise in the last episode which was hilarious! i’ve only watched “scrubs” off and on, but i agree, it’s a very funny show.

  2. scrubs is one of my favorite shows but I felt the writing kind of lost it’s snap in season 4 (or is it season 5 where JD, Elliot and Turk become attendings) to present season. The first few seasons when JD, Turk, Elliot are residents are hilarious. I wonder if they will reveal the name of the Janitor at the end of series.

  3. Scrubs has always been one of my favorite comedies for a while. I just didn’t realize “a while” meant seven seasons. It doesn’t feel that long. I think part of that has to due with NBC constantly moving it around for years before giving it a proper spot in the Thursday night schedule. According to some gossip, if Scrubs comes back for Season 8, it will be on ABC.

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