american idol – the top 5

spoiler alert. don’t read if you don’t want to know.

let me just start by saying: NO FREAKING WAY!

clearly america is voting with talent not on the top of the list! i cannot believe that jason AND brooke were safe! i think brooke was as surprised as the rest of us were. that’s great for me because i really like her, but my jaw dropped when i found out that brooke was safe and syesha was safe! that’s ridiculous.

if i had to choose between syesha or carly, though, i definitely would have saved carly. you have to start looking at who can really be an american idol and i don’t think that david archuleta is your man. he is just a little kid with a good voice. give it some time, but he’s no idol. david cook is the man that i have pegged to win it. syesha’s got the look. what will america do next?

at least they are all talented in their own way.

3 thoughts on “american idol – the top 5”

  1. carly doesn’t have the fanbase, and brooke probably got some sympathy votes. A LOT of sympathy votes. i’m surprised jason wasn’t in the bottom 2 though. that boy just doesn’t seem to care!

  2. jason might just be yawning because he was up ALL NIGHT LONG stressing out that he’s going home! he should have been in the bottom two though, i agree.

  3. I agree that their was some much more talented folks who didn’t make it to the top five. Popularity can carry a so-so contestant to the top.

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