in plain sight

i just watched the series premiere of in plain sight and it looks to be a pretty promising show. the usa network has really been picking up some great tv shows with burn notice, psych, monk, and now in plain sight. quality tv is all you need to make a network. i’m actually pretty excited about the summer tv season. i cannot wait until my boys is back on the air.

in plain sight stars mary mccormack, who despite being hotter than i remember her being in the west wing (loved her in that!), who is a U.S. marshall who takes care of witnesses in the witness protection program. i know, tough, hot female U.S. marshall…sort of sounds like something that’s already been tried a couple of times right?

well, the writing is pretty good, some of the dialog feels a little forced and i wasn’t sure if i could buy into mary mccormack as a tough U.S. marshall. the thing is that she totally pulls it off. i think she actually pulls it off much more believably than carla gugino when she was karen sisco (another failed tough, hot U.S. marshall tv show).

i think that it’s always tough to have a female lead in a show like this because there is such a dichotomy in the character. first they have to be this tough, strong U.S. marshall, but later these shows try to explore the vulnerable side of the character which might undermine what we know of the character. shows that do it well (buffy, for example) are amazing. shows that don’t do it well find themselves canceled pretty quick.

mac os x and photoshop

one of the hardest things for me to transition to mac os x is getting my workflow in photo processing to be as efficient as my pc workflow. i feel like i should be able to do the same things that i have been doing, but i just don’t seem to be using the tools right.

the biggest thing is that the mac uses the ALT key instead of the PC which uses the CTRL key for shortcuts. for auto-levels and auto-contrast, it can be as much as a four key shortcut and the keys are different! i couldn’t figure out how to do auto-contrast, even though i thought i was hitting the correct keys. eventually, i found out that you can remap the keys in photoshop to create your own shortcuts.

this has made using photoshop so much easier on me. this probably means, though, that i won’t be able to use photoshop on somebody else’s mac. kind of a bummer, but i don’t really plan on using anyone else’s mac, i guess.