whitening your teeth

my dentist told me at a recent trip that my teeth were darker than my age and that i should pop by a drugstore and pick up one of the over the counter teeth whiteners. she said that i’m not that old and my teeth are making me look older. it never really occurred to me that my teeth were that stained, but when i started to compare them to people i saw on tv, i did start to notice that everyone on tv does have pretty white teeth. like really white.

so i bought the aquafresh white trays. i wanted something that had better coverage than the strips because i felt that the strips would only brighten your first few teeth. it’s true that these trays don’t fit over your entire set of teeth, but they certainly do have better coverage. plus, with all of the gel that sort of oozes around, the rest of your teeth actually get some treatment too.

after about three treatments, i really do notice a difference. i think that i’ve done a total of 5 of the 7 treatments that are included in the box and i do notice a significant whitening. now, they aren’t glow in the dark white, yet, but i think that i may stop at the fifth treatment. any brighter and i think that it starts to look a little weird.

it must be all of those years of drinking pearl tea that has done it to my teeth. it’s aged them!