wanted – blockbuster of the summer

paul, leeya, jim, judy, and i went to go watch wanted last night. jim scored us some free advanced screening tickets and we were able to watch the movie before opening day. since i don’t watch any commercials these days, i have no idea what movies are coming out and what to be excited for, so when i had first heard about the movie, i didn’t know what it was about. we watched it at the amc in saratoga and though i thought it was a small venue and not very many people would show up, there was a long line out the door waiting to get in.

a quick search revealed that this is an action movie about assassins starring angelina jolie. it probably is more accurate to say that james mcavoy stars in this movie, but, you know, she’s the hottie. i think leeya would disagree as she was fawning over james mcavoy to me before the movie started.

folks, i think this is the summer blockbuster. the movie was FANTASTIC. my jaw dropped literally several times throughout the movie. not only are the special effects amazing, the creativity of the stunts were stunning. there was this one stunt (clearly CG, but still amazing) where angelina jolie’s character, Fox, maneuvers a car to seat a passenger. awesome. completely unrealistic, but awesome. in fact, that whole car chase was pretty cool.

yes, the movie requires a huge suspension of disbelief, but once you swallow that pill, hang on for a visually stunning, heart-pounding adventure. i don’t watch very many movies in the theatre, but this is one of those movies that i might consider watching again in the theatre and this could be the first blu-ray movie that i buy.

i hear that the director has some other great special effects movies, so i think i’ll give them a whirl. wanted. i’m calling it now, i think it’s this summer’s blockbuster hit.

as an aside, is it just me or does james mcavoy look a lot like gregory smith (ephram from everwood)?

james mcavoy

gregory smith