another nail in the tire

i just happened to glance at my tire today on the way to lunch and something shiny caught my eye. not shiny like a pretty penny, not shiny like a diamond ring, not shiny like the ever-so-hard-to-find wii fit. no. shiny like, why-is-my-tired-shiny shiny?

so upon further inspection, i see that there’s a nail lodged in my tire. it’s deep in the groove of one of the treads near the sidewall. i was a little worried that it wouldn’t be able to get patched. i drove to the local gas station to see if it can be patched.

me: do you fix nails in tires?
owner: yeah. pull up over there.

(after i pull up, the owner looks at the nail for a good while, examining it from different angles. at one point, she touches the nail and then she comes back to me.)

owner: yeah, we can fix it. $10. cash only.
me: sure, ok.

(cash only? this must be one of those things that don’t get recorded on the books. it doesn’t cost them much, a kit to fix nails must be pretty cheap and the repair takes less than 10 minutes.)

so the tire is patched up and they even check the pressure in my tires. a little shady with the whole cash only thing, but still well worth it. the last time i went to get a nail fixed at some tire shop, they wanted $20 for it. i balked at how much they wanted AND they wanted me to leave the car there for several hours while they fix it. ridiculous, if you ask me. i’ve found my new place for fixing flats.

finally got my movie

my favorite movie of all time is serendipity. this should come as no surprise because i have a soft spot for romantic comedies. what is a little surprising is that i always think that i’m not really a big fan of john cusack, but i think that he does a fantastic job here. and don’t get me started about kate beckinsale…oh too late, here we go. kate beckinsale is one of those actresses that isn’t afraid to be as ridiculously beautiful as she really is in every movie she’s been in. i think that’s fantastic and i love her in this movie.

i have never owned the dvd, so i have been searching for it. most stores don’t carry it because it’s an older movie and if they do, it’s a $15+ movie. now, that isn’t really that much money for a dvd, but still, i wanted to find it for less than $10 in some bargain bin or something. earlier this month, i found it online for $8 and i ordered it. it took a staggering 16 days from the day of order to delivery of dvd, but it finally came yesterday and the first thing i did was watch the director’s commentary. i’ve seen the movie plenty of times, but i have not seen it with the commentary.

what’s interesting with getting the director’s insight into the whole process is that he points out little things that i never really appreciated in the movie. serendipity does require the audience to suspend disbelief a little and the movie certain does push the limits a little about believable coincidences, but i think that if you are willing to take that leap, it’s fantastic.

anyway, i still love the movie as much now as i had remembered and i think that it still holds as my favorite movie of all time.