tricked into going to a baby shower

over the weekend, i got tricked into going to a baby shower. i didn’t read the evite carefully, all i saw was, come hang out with us before the baby takes over the house. that naturally seemed to mean that it was a little get together with friends.

later in the part of the evite that i didn’t read, i saw that there was a section that said we are registered at babies r us and pottery barn kids. what?? yeah, that should have clued me in. still, it was good to see carol, i haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks and boy, let me tell you, she is preggers!

they catered mexican food for the party, but what that really meant was this old hispanic couple that took over their kitchen and was cooking in the kitchen. it was actually pretty cool. the food was delicious.

we played bingo there. kind of random, but fun. no other baby shower games and there were other guys there, so it wasn’t so bad. it was fun.