wii fit accessories

you know, when it comes to the wii, the breakdown in cost is probably something like: 10% console, 70% games, 20% accessories. i got the basic wii console (those things are next to impossible to find these days! everything is bundled now, i guess the margins on the console by itself aren’t very high.) and now i have a small collection of games. but it is the accessories that look like they are starting cost quite a bit.

first, any wii owner knows that they have to own 4 wiimotes. so that means that three of them need to be purchased. i think that you also have to buy at LEAST one more nunchuk. so bare minimum is two nunchuks and 4 wiimotes. but now, we’re starting to get into other more specialized games like guitar hero 3. you NEED two guitars to play the game right. let’s say you buy the bundle, that’s $90. let’s say that you held off and waited for the guitar hero aerosmith bundle to get your second controller instead of buying a second one. that’s another $100. and the wiimotes are useless without batteries. rechargeable batteries just make sense here. you need to charge all of the wiimotes at once, so that means you need 2 wii dual charging docks w/ batteries and modified battery covers at $14 each. i actually saw a quad charger at the store the other day, i think it was around the same price. i wish i saw that before, but oh well. looks like it’s in the accessories where a lot of money is made. i was tempted to buy 3 more wii-wheels for mario kart wii, but opted not to. i think it’s easier to drive with the wii wheel, though…

cost of wii console: $250
$250 wii w/ 1 controller + nunchuk + wii sports

cost of wii accessories: $369 (so far)
$120 3 x Wiimote
$20 nunchuk
$40 guitar – guitar hero 3
$50 guitar – aerosmith
$90 wii fit
$11 rechargeable battery for wii fit
$10 wii fit silicone sleeve
$28 2 x dual charging dock

jacl summerset 2008

i played in a grass tournament over the weekend with christi, karenina, and ed. we were in the lowest pool available. it seems like i’m always playing in that pool. i guess i’m just not getting any better. =P our team managed to take second place. i was given a bit of a hard time about not being placed in the right pool, but i think that we’re right on the border between the lowest pool and the second lowest pool. looking at the next pool up, though, it looks like we were gonna get killed a little bit. =P

the outdoor tournament was a lot of fun and it looked like the tournament was run well. the pools were mostly well balanced and i know that i definitely had fun in our pool.

cheryl’s birthday party was also held at the same park where the tournament was, so we were able to hang out inbetween matches. after the tournament was over, i went to play on the net that greg had set up. we played doubles for a little bit and then all of a sudden i was completely drained. i could barely get myself off the court. i guzzled down a gatorade, ate a few cookies, a burger, and half a loaf of garlic bread. finally, the exhaustion that hit me was staved off a little and i was able to sit up and watch the others play. it was actually a little alarming at how quickly i went from full of energy to completely wasted.