i voted!

did you rock the vote? i did. i rocked it hard. =P

it’s election day and though i requested to vote by mail, i went to the polling place to drop off my ballot. i heard on the radio that there were something like 7 million vote by mail ballots sent out this year. my polling place was overstaffed with volunteers (which isn’t a problem, really). there were no lines but people were trickling in the entire time i was there to vote.

in california, the biggest proposition that i have seen was prop 8. there were signs everywhere. a yes on 8 would “protect marriage” and ban gay marriage. a no on 8 would not eliminate marriage for anyone. i’ve seen public rallies taking place on street corners with supporters for a no vote on 8. the last i had heard said that the votes were still about 50/50 for prop 8. big day in politics for california.