finally transferring over to

my domain registrar used to be they were great at the time because their pricing was pretty competitive, but over the years, big registrars like have come and their pricing is hard to beat. i have finally used up the last of my credit at directnic, so i’m moving my domains over to godaddy. so far the process has been pretty painless, but i’m just waiting for directnic to relinquish control of the domains and move it over. i haven’t had to talk to anyone yet, the process seems pretty well managed online.

let’s see how long it takes to transfer over.

media center died!

the media center in the rarely-used upstairs tv has died. this comes with great regret as i had high hopes for it and rarely ever used it. but not all bad things come with no good news, this gives me an opportunity to get a new media center solution. i started to think about what i was going to get, but i realized that i have an idle xbox media center lying around. all i needed was to get a wireless ethernet adapter, but when i started to look online, they were going for $50-80! ridiculous!

it’s actually cheaper to buy a cheap dd-wrt compatible router, flash the firmware, and make it work as an ethernet bridge than to buy an ethernet bridge. so i was going to go do that, but it turns out that paul had a spare router he wasn’t using, so i picked it up and now i have the xbox setup and working fine. my wireless network at home has become increasingly more and more complex. i was worried that it wouldn’t be able to handle the bits that i’m throwing around, but it seems fine, albeit, slow. =P