when it comes to video…

i am completely spoiled. after finally finishing the investment into my home theatre setup, it seems that my standards for video have become outlandish. i don’t even watch normal lowly DVDs anymore. i can’t stand it. who would want to watch the poor quality DVDs when you have the gorgeous views of blu-rays?

my pet peeve, of course, is that the library of blu-ray discs available is still quite limited. is blu-ray going to turn into the way of the dvd and become a standard or is it going to only appeal to the niche high end movie enthusiasts? i had thought that dvds were a thing of the past, but i guess that’s not quite true.

i was talking to a friend who was saying that they would be willing to spend $1-2 a disc for dual layer DVDs so that they can make full copies of DVD releases. i had thought that the price of a disc had gone down significantly so that’s actually not that bad, but then my next immediate thought was, “who wants dvds??”

ugh, i am officially spoiled with the ps3’s beautiful blu-ray player. now, if only some of my favorite movies would get transferred to blu-ray, i’d buy them. serendipity and bring it on! go to blu-ray, go!