safeway, diet coke, and my admission

i went to safeway during my lunch break and as i am wont to do, i went to check to see if diet coke was on sale. the safeway in san mateo/foster city had a sale on diet coke. buy 2, get 3 free. $6 per pack of 12. so for $12, you can get 60 cans of diet coke. that’s 20 cents a can! so, of course, i did what any other person would do. i grabbed two 12 packs, then three more.

i looked at the shopping cart and it looked like it could hold more, so i grabbed two more 12 packs, then three more.

the shopping cart was kind of heavy at this point. i think that it is usually around the ten 12 pack cases that i start to make my way to the registers, but there was something stirring inside my soul. maybe it was the call of the diet coke, maybe it was the call of the deal, but whatever it was, whenever i can buy diet coke for less than $3 a 12 pack, i usually stock up.

so i did the unthinkable. i grabbed two more 12 packs…and then three more. 15 cases were in my shopping cart as i made my way to the cashier. i told her i had 15 cases, she rang it up, and then there was a delay. apparently the safeway machines have some kind of limit on savings that once you exceed this limit you need manager approval. so a manager came and looked at my shopping cart and scanned her card and i proceeded to make my purchase.

the trunk of my car is now full of diet coke.

do i have a problem? i’m not sure. but the one thing i do know is that the refrigerator will stay well stocked with diet coke.