damn you, add n edit cookies

probably one of the most useful firefox add-on tools i use is add n edit cookies. it has been invaluable and has made my life so much easier. but today for a few hours i could not figure out why some of my code was failing.

it turns out that when viewing cookies through the add n edit cookies add-on, the add-on urlencodes the cookie before displaying it. this wasn’t terribly obvious to me today because i was trying to manipulate a gzipped, base 64-encoded cookie. it looked like gibberish to me to begin with, so i didn’t realize what was going on for a long while.

why? why add n edit cookies would you do that to me?

and more importantly, why am i still working at 4:45PM on the day before thanksgiving!?

this is why we are called that

dardy affectionately calls us the “bowling gang” and last night we did just that: bowled. it’s been forever since we last went bowling and it was good to be out there again and have some fun. though it was a long time since we last went bowling, it was pretty easy for me to get back into the groove. we all went out bowling to celebrate dardy’s real birthday, though we already had celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

at the end of the evening, i think we had 8 people on one lane. playing two games took nearly three hours and i didn’t get home until well past midnight…on a school night! i’m tired now and i think that i may have tweaked my back just a little bit, but it was worth it because i bowled a 181 and a 195. that’s probably the highest average i’ve bowled ever. usually if i have a good game then i’ll have a bad game so i usually average around 130ish.

anyhow, it was fun to bowl and maybe i’ll make more of an effort to go bowling more often. at $2 a game, it’s still cheap entertainment.