all this baby talk

so it turns out that my sister and my wife are in pretty regular contact and my sister’s enthusiasm has been downright blatant. today, while talking to christi, my sister had somehow gotten it in her head that christi was going to deliver the baby…like now.

she then decides to IM my brother and tell him that something exciting is going to happen sooner than they had expected, but she can’t say what. and then she logged off.

then my brother is IM’ing me asking me what’s going on and if the baby is coming out now. i tell him that i have no idea what he is talking about and he tells me that our lovely sister has told him the baby is coming.

i check online to see that christi isn’t online and that moment of what if creeps in. she said that she might make an unplanned visit to the doctor just to make sure everything was ok because something was different and i hadn’t heard from her about how that went.

so i get in touch with her after all of this hoopla to find out that she had just left the doctor’s office and everything is fine and normal and there’s no new status. my sister’s enthusiasm has led to all of this excitement for naught.

i started to panic that christi and i haven’t packed ours or koda’s hospital bags yet and there’d be a rush of things to do. turns out that there’s no immediate urgency, but i think that i will pack some bags tonight.

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