Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-28

  • Now at Blush in milpitas getting froyo #
  • Tea Era – roasted barley milk tea. #
  • Dinner with Ella at shabuway in mountain view. Mmmm shabu shabu. #
  • lots of tv from yesterday to watch: how i met your mother, the big bang theory, house, heroes, dancing w/ the stars, gossip girl, csi: miami #
  • Today is our two year anniversary. For lunch I celebrated by myself with Taco Bell. Dinner is a surprise. #
  • Celebrated two year anniversary at Sent Sovi last night. #
  • In case you aren't lucky, you still will be caffeinated. #
  • Installed car seat bases a few days ago. It wasn't that hard but they aren't nearly as secure as I imagined they would be. #
  • am really hungry now and all i can do is think about the three steaks i didn't eat last night. #
  • iPhone MMS update applied & now MMS for the iPhone works. all this time i wanted the feature, but now i have no pictures that i want to send #
  • waiting for putty to dry to touch up the fixed holes in the walls. it's like watching paint dry…except it's putty. #
  • still have a big backlog of tv to watch… #
  • Down to the very last diet coke in the house. Going to make a diet coke run soon. How did my supply get so low? #
  • kurt warner: what are you doing running 28 yards in the WRONG direction? that's worse than just giving up. #

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