throbbing headache

after last night’s xbox adventures, i ended up staying up later than i should have and i woke up earlier than i should have today. as a result, i currently have a headache that i’m trying to fight off. go away headache, go away!

i was still determined to leave the apartment early instead of getting more sleep because the idea of leaving the office at 7 today was completely undesirable. i’m not sure what else i would do in the afternoon, but it is nice to be able to have that choice to not do anything.

i actually wanted to go to blockbuster and sign up for the game freedom pass and start playing xbox games. maybe i’ll do just that.

for lunch today, i had soup and a sandwich…and i also decided to get an italian soda which i added some cream to. mmmmm. so good. i think that i might have to pick up some club soda to make some of this stuff at home.


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