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last night was a pretty interesting night for the xbox. earlier in the day, paul, leeya, nelson, cheng, and i were hanging out at paul’s place playing some super puzzle fighter on paul’s ps one. as we were playing, i started to wonder why we had to go to such great lengths to play such a classic game. dig up the old psx just to play a game…and then i thought that someone, somewhere must have made an emulator for the psx. it’s a relatively simple console, can’t be too hard to emulate, right?

then i looked around and got a little bit more ambitious. i’m still new to the whole xbox scene, so i did some research and found out that there is indeed a psx emulator for the xbox. that’s right, you can play psx games on the xbox!

there were a few hiccups, though. you have to make an image of the game and copy the image onto the hard drive. you can’t play straight off the CD. it also turns out that the cdrom drive on my computer doesn’t read psx games. one of my other computer’s cdrom drives did, though, so i made the image and brought it over to the xbox.

the [url=]psx emulator for the xbox[/url] is pretty cool and seems to work well. there’s only one game that i immediately wanted though and that was super puzzle fighter. the emulator works great, though there was a little hitch with it working.

i think the part that makes the emulator install a little bit of a hassle is the fact that it does not come with the playstation bios. what i think is kind of funny is that it appears to use the actual playstation bios to function. as a result, you have to find a copy of the psx bios on the net somewhere after you install the emulator on the xbox. aside from that, it appears as if i’ve got a fully functional psx on my xbox now.

and since i was in the nostalgic mood, i decided to install a nintendo emulator too. this was a much easier install, though the ROMs for it were a little harder to find. the only game that i really wanted to play was my childhood favorite, super dodge ball. mmmm.

back in middle school, i remember there was this one sleepover i went to at my friend sumit’s house. it was about a dozen guys or so and we had a HUGE super dodge ball tournament. we stayed up until the wee hours of the night playing until we got to the final championships. ahhhh, memories.

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  1. roms hard to find?


    whenever i get bored, i play final fantasy 4. my roommate likes to play smash tv. classic, classic games.

    have you installed xbmc yet? or mxm?

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