woah, muvo!

back on march 5th, i placed an order for the muvo2 4GB mp3 at amazon. the estimated delivery date was march 15-17. then i got an email a few days later stating that their stock is out and they will ship it to me as soon as they replenish their stock. now, the reason why the muvo2 is so popular is because a lot of people are ripping out the microdrive embedded in the mp3 player and they are using it for their digital cameras. the muvo itself is only $200, the cost of 1GB compact flash these days, so you get 4 times the storage for the price. it’s a great thing, and i can’t wait until i get it so i can rip it apart and replace the microdrive with my older 1GB card.

but anyway, it just got shipped today, so i should be getting it sometime next week. man, that’s nearly two months late! it’s a shame that the performance of the drive is so slow on my camera, but oh well, i guess it’ll have to do.


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