fruits and vegetables

[url=]interesting that this article[/url] reports findings from a harvard study that says that eating fruits and vegetables won’t really reduce your risk of cancer.

see! all these years of avoiding fruits and vegetables never really hurt me!


hydration – downtown san jose

this pearl tea shop first piqued my interest a while ago when it opened and it had a refreshing change of pearl tea. it’s more tea-heavy than the usual places i frequent, so i liked going here from time to time. but consistently i’ve been disappointed with the cold temperature at this place. they leave the doors open, and in this winter air it can get rather chilly in there.

but that isn’t what frustrates me about the place. what really pisses me off to no end is that they levy an electricity plug-in charge of $1 an hour. now, it doesn’t really cost all that much, and they do offer FREE wireless internet, however, the fact that they are petty enough to charge for electricity outrages me.

i mean, if you are going to give away free internet access, why on earth would you charge for electricity? no other place i know of charges for such a service. i guess if you consider it more like an internet service charge, then it’s pretty reasonable, but still…very disappointing…and annoying.