customer turned salesman

i was at the farmer’s market today and there was a long line at the kettle corn booth. this booth is always a popular pick at the farmer’s market. today, the line was extra long because there was only one person working the booth.

the guy in front of me goes and asks, “you think this guy needs some help? maybe i’ll go and help him out and i’ll get a bag of free popcorn.”

so the guy goes there and volunteers his services and gets to filling the popcorn and selling it to the folks waiting in line. i thought that was kind of cool of the guy to go up and just offer help like that.


open gym volleyball

i decided to check out the open gym in milpitas to see if this was something that i wanted to do on a more regular basis. the last time i went to open gym was many, many years ago. and the last time i went, i remember that i played in the beginner’s court. the middle court was too intimidating for me and i didn’t want to feel like i was messing up the game.

but this time around, i signed up for the middle court and it was just fine. i felt pretty comfortable playing there and the play was decent. but i did feel that something was missing from open gym. there just wasn’t a sense of team spirit there and i thought that i was just playing for the sake of playing. i didn’t really get the ball as often as i would have liked to, as the regulars tended to involved more of their own than newcomers.

still, it was alright. if i couldn’t play anywhere else, then i think that i would have liked to have played more there, but i don’t know if i really find it fulfilling enough for me. that being said, i think that i probably won’t be going regularly unless i go with a big group of friends.