how do you cope with the rain?

i don’t understand how people deal with rain. actually, i don’t understand how people can live in areas where it rains more months of the year than it is sunny. that truly boggles my mind. well, if you think about it, i’m sure it’d boggle yours too.

yes, yes, i’m quite the california weather snob. i can’t help it. i’ve lived in california for almost my entire life. the longest stretch i’ve been out of california was when i was on my month long road trip. but aside from that i’ve been in california pretty much my whole life. now, sure, i’ve visited all sorts of places around the world, but i cannot say that i’ve been any happier than when i’ve been somewhere in california.

but the biggest mystery to me is how people walk in the rain with their umbrellas. i have a rather large umbrella, and i like to think of myself as a rather average-sized person. so when i walk around in the rain with my umbrella, i just don’t get how people can walk around without getting wet. my jeans were soaked on the walk from the parking lot to the office today and it was a rather unpleasant morning until i dried off.

what’s the deal? what am i missing? do i need an even larger umbrella?