macro fun


[url=]jimmy[/url] gave jen some persimmons, but jen’s now away for a few weeks for work so there’s a big bag of them sitting in the fridge. i don’t know how long they last, but i suspect that they will go bad before she gets back. jen offered me some persimmons too, but i don’t like them so i don’t know what is going to happen to them.

i decided to make one of them useful and i decided to try out one of my lenses for macro work. it took pictures better than i had expected. the problem i see now is that macro photography is very detailed oriented and dust is a big, big problem.


who uses the XBM image format anymore?

i’ve been playing with this counter for a web page and all of a sudden none of the images that the counter makes works anymore. very strange. after a little digging, it appears that in windows xp service pack 2, microsoft has mysteriously removed support for the image format.


know whos? but today i get to make images on the fly! wheee.