holiday weekend

it was a pleasant holiday weekend with plenty of rest and relaxation. it was just what i needed and though there weren’t too many things that i did over this holiday weekend, i found that it was rather pleasant.

i wanted to go biking, but it rained and made for bad conditions.

i wanted to go get a haircut, but i got a little lazy.

i wanted to make a grand dinner, but had too many leftovers.

i wanted to try out lots of new xbox games…and i did.

yeah, i got my xbox back and now i’m going through a marathon of xbox gaming to see if there are any new games that are worth playing. i think that i play a game for about 15 minutes and then i will decide if it is worth the effort or not. so far, the game that has taken most of my time so far is NBA live 2005. man…that game is just crazy.