i haven’t been feeling well. yesterday i stayed at home sick to my stomach and today has been really touch and go. i really regret having the large sandwich that i had for lunch. i think it was a little premature to have eaten such a meal when i’ve been having stomach problems.

but i was really hungry and i couldn’t help it. i needed to eat something solid. why is it that when we want something, even if we know that it is bad for us, we still yearn for it?

it’s sort of like the bad boy syndrome for girls. they know that it isn’t good for them, yet time and time again, many women will go for the bad boy type, even if they know it’s bad for them. or there are others still that stay with their significant other when they know that it isn’t good for them, but they stay anyway. i guess what our heart wants and what our minds tell us will always be in conflict.