no volleyball on sunday

there was no volleyball on sunday this week. it feels rather odd to only have one night of volleyball. id on’ think that i can do it. so i think that this has given me more incentive to try and pick up another team. now the question is….will i be able to find another team?


speaking of which, someone stole my volleyball. the one that says “please don’t steal me” on it. how rude.


oh yeah, for the first time in 5 years, we had trick or treaters. this also happened to be the first year that i didn’t buy candy for trick or treaters, so imagine my surprise when i hear knocking at my door and i find a couple of trick or treaters waiting for candy. i found some candy that i had bought for myself and gave them the last two pieces that i had. so sad.

but when i was a kid, if we didn’t get candy, man! i would be so upset! but here’s my take on trick or treating. you really want to get the most candy possible with the least amount of work. as a kid, walking around with a big take gets tiresome and so you don’t want to stray too far from your home, nor do you want to have to walk far to get lots of candy. my friends and i had a system where we first scouted out all the neighborhoods and came up with a plan on which neighborhoods we should hit first. who had the best candy? who was the closest?

after we worked that out, we set out to get our stash of candy. we planned it so that we would work our way back to our homes in the middle of our candy collection so that we can empty out our bags at home to lighten the load. we would choose neighborhoods that had lots of small homes close together instead of the rich places with big houses far apart.

my parents now reside in a house that is in a very hilly area with houses farther and fewer in number than i would like, so i would skip out on places like that and opt for nice flat, high density areas.

now, i live in an apartment complex. this would be GREAT for trick or treating, but only on the lower level. i would never climb flights of stairs to get a piece of candy…it just isn’t worth it. so i was particularly surprised to see these trick or treaters coming up a flight of stairs to get candy…it just doesn’t happen. but it did and they took my last two pieces of candy. *sigh*


wow, i can’t believe it is november already!

to celebrate daylight savings, i got into work extra, extra late today. actually, i had a pretty bad headache when i first woke up so i went back to bed thinking that i’d call in sick. but after another hour or so of sleep, i felt much better so i decided to go into work today.

i watched the grudge on friday night with a bunch of people. the movie was actually one of the better horror movies i’ve seen in a while. it’s interesting how whenever we as a mass of people go and watch horror movies, we collectively laugh uncomfortably after a scary moment. there’s some kind of relief knowing that it is just a movie and you are safe.

the movie had its creepy moments, but i was glad that the movie was particularly gory. i’m not much of a fan of gore. i thought the movie had better cheap scares than the ring and i also thought that it was more haunting than the ring. overall, i liked it. i had heard some people complain that the movie’s plot was not very cohesive, but i didn’t feel like that at all. my roommate was pretty affected after watching the movie and she apparently had some difficulty enterting the apartment upon returning from the theatre.

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0049.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0051.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url]

saturday, [url=]jimmy[/url], john, [url=]paul[/url], greg, josh, mike, and i went to wilder ranch state park for some mountain biking. the weather was rather windy at first and i was cursing myself for not bringing a jacket, but once we started biking it got warm. i’m not sure if i’m just that out of shape or if the trails were that hard, but i was walking a lot of the inclines on this ride. it wasn’t as technical as the ride at soquel, but then again…that was hell. this ride was fun, the downhill runs were especially fun…especially because i didn’t bail on this trip. it was good to get out on the bike again. it’s been a while. we strapped on four bikes onto the rear-mounted bike rack to get our bikes there.

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0057.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0059.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0063.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url]

a lot of us were huffing and puffing along on the trail, walking the bigger inclines.

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0062.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/1101/IMG_0065.jpg&title=wilder+ranch][/url]

greg sort of blasted through the whole park.

at the top of the one of peaks, it looked like there was a fire that burned away at most of the vegetation there. it looked rather odd.