ramen taste test

nine ramens down…11 more to go?

oh man, i don’t know if i can handle eating that much ramen. i’ve slowed down to two a week, so at this rate, it means that i’ll have another 5 weeks of ramen eating to do…woe is me.

5 thoughts on “ramen taste test”

  1. purists say that you should boil a separate pot of water for the soup base so that the oils and starch from the boiled noodles do not mingle in the ramen.

    for this experiment, i’m following the directions verbatim on the packaging. so far, none of the directions have asked me to boil a separate pot of water, so i just mix it all in. i think that this is also how most people probably make their ramen, so i’m trying to be consistent with the masses.

  2. Hey, how are you cooking the ramen? Are you boiling a separate pot of water to use after you have cooked the ramen noodles? Or are you putting the soup base in the same pot (and water) you boiled the noodles in?

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