desperate times

it’s true. desperate times call for desperate measures. because my laptop power brick is dead, i decided to try and revive my old toshiba laptop. i’ve hated this laptop ever since i first got it. why? because it was the line of laptops that eventually became the subject of [url=,aid,103700,00.asp]a class action suit[/url] where i got a nifty check at the end of the day. still, the laptop is terribly slow and it’s painful to do anything of it. that, plus the fact that there’s only 384MB of ram makes for a very painful experience.

i’m trying really hard to install windowsXP on it, but i’m thinking that maybe XP isn’t the right operating system for this machine. oh yeah, so it turns out that there is a design flaw for this laptop and it suffers from overheating and randomly shutting itself off. lovely. so toshiba has issued a fix for it, which basically makes the machine run SLOWER so that it doesn’t heat up as much.


i would try running linux off this machine, but…i don’t know, can i really run on a linux laptop? can i?

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