call of the chantico

i’ve been trying to avoid the call of the chantico, but today when i went to lunch at togo’s and there was a starbucks right next door, i couldn’t resist anymore. so i got a chantico and i must say that it is just as divine as the first time i had it…maybe more so.

the second time i had the chantico, i had it at a safeway starbucks. let me just say that the safeway starbucks are not even close to as good as the authentic starbucks. not even close!

i never realized that there was a difference until i tried the chantico today and realized how much richer it is at starbucks proper, instead of safeway starbucks. wow, what a difference a store makes!

5 thoughts on “call of the chantico”

  1. you can probably find the milky at any 99 ranch market. there’s one in cupertino as well as milpitas. there’s also a sweetheart cafe that has various confections that should carry it, albeit slightly pricy.

  2. thanks for the lasagna recipe. will try it one day. I don’t like the Chantico’s like drinking melted chocolate, yuck.

    The best hot chocolate is at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, across from Nola’s. Go there and two both their hot is kinda spicy, the other not spicy. I like both but prefer the not spicy one.

  3. The next time Chantico calls just tell them, “Stop! I don’t like you. You don’t taste good and you make me fat!!!” =)

  4. Up until today, I was pretty good about avoiding the call of the chantico. I hadn’t had one for at least a week or so, but after reading your chantico entries from yesterday, I couldn’t resist and had to get one this afternoon. ­čśŤ The drink is too delicious to resist.

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