trying something old

every so often i like to try something that i don’t like to eat just to make sure that i still don’t like to eat it. over the weekend i tried grapes. i was walking by and someone was motioning to throw food in my mouth. so i opened my mouth and in it went.

what i did not know was that it was a grape. i made a face and nearly spit it out. i really am not a fan of the grape. but then i went over to the table where all the food was and tried another grape. this time i needed to make sure that i didn’t like the grape because it was a grape, not because i thought it was something else.

sure enough, i still don’t like grapes.

annoying volleyball

i was playing volleyball last night on my tuesday night team and after our games, i was subbing for another team. right before we started to play, the opposing team complained to the ref about me saying that i was not part of the team. the ref asked the captain and our captain said that i wasn’t part of the roster. now, mind you, this is during normal season play.

so anyway, the ref says that the rules state that i am not elligible to play because the other team complained. he gave our captain the option to either forfeit our matches and play with me for fun or to let me go. i told the captain that i’d go and it’d be fine, but he decided that it would be more fun to play with six and forfeit than to play with five.

i was really surprised that he chose to do that, but that was nice. we proceeded to win both games and have a tremendous amount of fun. i blocked a few people and got in a few good hits. all in all a good night of volleyball. this particular league is full of teams that are poor sports and overly competitive for my tastes, though. there are no new friendships that i’ve made in this league, and i find that kind of sad.