not meant to be

this weekend is full of things that just weren’t meant to be. i thought that i would be able to handle these things gracefully, but as time goes by, i think that i’m just becoming more cognisant of just how much things were never meant to be.

on saturday, a bunch of us were thinking about biking the golden gate bridge, heading into sausalito, and lazying about. it sounded like a wonderful weekend but the weather has been looming over our heads lately.

when i called paul to ask how the weather was holding, i was informed that the biking trip was cancelled. everything had been planned so well…except the weather. it just was not meant to be.

a few of us decided that a little weather shouldn’t stop us from going out and we decided to hike the long ridge trail in the palo alto hills. the hike was fun, short, and scenic.

after the hike, we twisted our way through the treacherous road that led us back in palo alto. we ate at the cheesecake factory. usually the cheesecake factory provides an excellent meal, but my usual order was rather bland and uninteresting. it just was not meant to be.

i was supposed to do some work this weekend, but i just haven’t had the motivation to get in front of the computer and clock any hours. it just was not meant to be.

and this weekend, i finally started to be bold. i did things that were out of character and i just decided to let whatever will be, will be. as it turns out my efforts didn’t quite yield the results that i anticipated and though being bold felt really good, it just wasn’t meant to be.