on sunday we were short several players so i was talking to my team and asked about who we should ask to sub. one of my teammates says to me, “hey, how about that filipino girl?”

“what filipino girl?” i ask as i look around in the general direction that he is pointing.

“that one over there in blue.”

“oh her? sure.” i agree, and then i yell out loud, “HEY FILIPINO GIRL!”

my teammate is obviously embarassed as i am yelling this. what i find even more hiliarious is that the girl he was talking about was my friend cheryl (who happens to be chinese). after i yell this, she turns her head and responds to me as if it were no big deal.

just hilarious, i tell you.

bonfire ideas

i just had this GREAT idea. i went to craigslist to see if there is any free firewood and it looks like there are tons of people just giving this stuff away. i’m going to go and see if i can get wood from some places throughout this week for the bonfire so i don’t have to buy too much firewood. happy days.