so i am finally looking at some of the images that have come out of my camera with the 24-70mm and i have to say…


talk about nice images. man, i didn’t realize how much i was missing until i shot with some nice glass.

i also took a look at the 17-40mm f/4L lens of mine and let me just say that at full frame, it is absolute crap. man! i can’t believe how poorly the lens performs at the edges at f/8. bad, bad, bad. it’s embarassing, actually. i think i need to do some lens tests again.

it seems that i have a lot to learn, still, though. i think that’s one of the things i really enjoy about photography is that i will never tire learning new things.

all that memory

random wedding guest (older woman, probably in her 50s): how many pictures have you taken at the wedding so far?
me: ummm, probably close to 400 now.
rwg: wow! i ran out of memory. how much do you have?
me: (mentally counting the memory i have on hand) probably about 10 GB.
rwg: oh! my goodness! i ran out of memory and i thought 256MB was a lot!

but then i was found

the last few days can only be described as very enjoyable. i’ve been left completely out of the loop at work, which i guess makes sense because i’m on the out anyway.

but my days have been rather enjoyable lately. maybe it’s because i feel like the bulk of my worries have been swept away and all i’m left with is the euphoric feelings of joy that only reckless and wild behavior like mine can inspire. maybe it’s because i have no responsibilities anymore so i feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul. or maybe, just maybe, it’s because i know that i’m going to be eating ramen soon and that brings to me an irrational amount of delight.

i’m going to watch batman begins tomorrow and i’m really rather excited about it. i hope that the movie lives up to my expectations. the last movie i saw (saving face) was surprisingly good and i enjoyed it quite a bit.

i realized that i do have a pet peeve, though. i don’t really like to talk during a movie at a movie theatre. at home, it isn’t as bad, but at a movie theatre it’s a big deal.

speaking of movies, i’ve been watching a lot lately. i watched aviator not too long ago and it was a surprisingly good movie. i also watched something’s gotta give. that was pretty good, too, i thought.

ah, maybe i need to start watching more movies again. they are awfully nice.