i am weak

i’m weak and i broke down and just ordered the roof rack for my car. i thought that i could wait around and find bits and pieces of it from craigslist, but it was just taking far too long. after a few missed meetings, i think that all of this looking has finally come to an end. i’m ready to buy the thing and get it over with. so i placed my order with agees.com which looks REALLY shady, but paul tells me that they are reputable. we’ll see…

but i ended up buying the rack and i’m pretty excited about it. i’m debating whether or not i want to buy another bike tray for the rack, i’ve got one already. i think that i will most likely buy another one if i find one on the cheap at craigslist. i guess my craigslisting days aren’t over yet.

pinky finger

my pinky finger has been hurting since last weekend. i think i jammed it while playing volleyball and i was hopeful that it would be better by now, but it isn’t. it sort of hurts to type with it and i’ve found that i’m cheating a little bit and altering the way that i type to avoid using the finger.

it really has affected my setting in a bad way too. this is not good.