zit power

it all started a few days ago when a rather large pimple decided to make a home for itself on my nose. he seemed rather comfortable there and he started to become quite comfortable and fat.

having inhabited my face, i think that he must have told some friends about how wonderful it was living on my nose and a pimple friend of his moved into the neighborhood in the middle of my forehead. i think the neighbor got really lonely though, so he invited a friend to pretty much move in with him in his newly built duplex. so now there are two surprisingly large pimples parked in the middle of my forehead.

not to be outdone, a developer of pimples decided to start construction on the hairline of the left side of my forehead. the hair provides adequate shading from the sun so they will not see the light of day.

seriously…what is going on here? i’m usually not this vain, but really, this is getting ridiculous!


yes, my ever improving diet has now expanded to eating four 6 piece rolls of sushi and two 2 piece nigiris for lunch.




lost my ability to walk like normal humans and instead waddle like a penguin?



things you should say

i was talking to a friend and we were talking about what one should say and what one should not say to others. i believe that there are things that one should say, not because they necessarily believe it, but because there are moral implications that need to be considered.

for example, i have told a friend that they should find marriage as an exciting prospect. i have told them that they should find happiness in their future. it could very well be the case that i don’t believe that these things are going to happen, but instead of telling them negatively what i think could happen, i tell them what i think should happen.

yes, sometimes it’s great to be direct to find out what’s going on and what people really think, but sometimes it may not be appropriate or appreciated. if that’s the case, is biting your tongue the best option?