josi-ah? josi-ah!

as is usual, when i leave my name for a drink, i use the name josiah. many cashiers will ask me how to spell my name. there are some (and i’m assuming they either know a josiah or are religious) that don’t hesitate to spell out the name. usually when people see the name, they know how to pronounce it.

at jamba juice i ordered my drink, the cashier wrote my name down, but the person who made my drink called out my name “josie-ah? razzmatazz, no bananas, sub blueberries for josie-ah?”

i didn’t realize at first she was butchering my name, but i got it after a moment’s hesitation and i came up to get the drink. and she says, “josie-ah?” and i said, “no, josiah.” and she replied, “oh, this drink is for josie-ah.”

*blink, blink*

“oh, ok, i’m josie-ah,” i say.

“oh…uhhh, ok, ” she says as she hands me the drink.

3 thoughts on “josi-ah? josi-ah!”

  1. just change your phony alias to Spike…it’s short, simple, not very common, and no one will mistaken you for a girl. 😛

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