lou’s living donut museum

a long while ago i went to lou’s living donut museum in san jose to check out what it was all about. being a huge donut lover, i thought that it was only appropriate that i make a stop over here some time to learn about the history of donuts.

the shop itself is pretty small and is a throwback to the days of 50s diners. decorated with war photos, neon signs, and diner furniture, the shop certainly had its own kind of charm.

the donuts from this place are quite large. probably double the size of your standard krispy kreme donut. the curious thing about these donuts is that the hole is attached to the side of the donut, like a big wart.

the donut itself wasn’t that good, i felt it was too crispy for my tastes and a little too oily as well. that being said, it’s still a novel place to check out.