how hard could it be?

the other day conversation had drifted to the topic of wedding rings.  a friend of mine is anticipating getting engaged any time now (uhh, this year anyway) and so there’s been a lot of discussion what kind of engagement ring to get.

i’ve always known that there were all these different types of cuts, settings, and the like, but really, “how hard could it be to get a ring?” was what i found myself asking.

i think that part of proposing is the setup.  i mean, it’s got to be a surprise, it’s got to be something memorable, right?  i’ve heard of some proposals where the guy basically would end up saying, “so hey, we should get married.  here’s a ring.  ok?”

but i think that asking a ton of questions about the ring just demystifies the whole process.  it should be this kind of magical process where you get a ring, you propose, you present the ring to the girl, and she just falls in love with it.  see, doesn’t that sound so much better?
but apparently, it is not uncommon for couples to go ring shopping together to pick out a ring.  i think that really just cheapens the whole experience.  she will know that you are looking.  she’ll know that it’s coming soon…and i don’t know, it just doesn’t seem as magical anymore.

i’ve always thought that i’d end up getting the engagement ring that i like, anyway, and hope that my fiancee likes it as much as i do.  =P