break time

there is a little cafe in cupertino village called break time.  they have recently started to offer wireless internet access to their patrons so jen and i went there to do some work.  she’s got some studying to do for her classes and i have more work than i know what to do with for work.

according to jen if no one is in their restaurant at 5pm, they close from 5pm to 7pm to have a break time of their own.  cute, huh?

jen, diana, and i met up before break time and we chatted for a bit.  she seems to be in high spirits, so that’s always good.

research pays off

i just did some research for the company and as a result of my research, i think i just saved the company $13k x 2 = $26,000!  i think i should get a $20,000 bonus and the company can still save $6,000.

i think that would be a great, great idea.

somebody go tell management about that, ok?