part of the club

i didn’t think that it would have happened so quickly.  maybe i had been delaying it, hoping that if i could somehow wait it out, it would have been better.  but it has felt like forever, but now i am part of the club.

the FF club, that is.  i haven’t really had an opportunity to really see what it means to be part of this oh-so-exclusive club, but i’m excited at what this means.  will it be all that i had dreamed it up to be?  will it be better?  who knows?

but indeed, i have made my entrance into the FF club with the canon 5D.

hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo, nurse!

great bday

i had a wonderful 30th birthday.  the big three-oh came and went and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as everyone had said that it would be.  i did get a little tipsy and the room did spin at one point, but i didn’t get smashed.  it’s just not dignified to be at my old age.

we went to the fahrenheight ultra lounge in downtown san jose and had dinner and chilled there for the evening.  it was an evening surrounded by good friends and good times.  i’m glad that everyone had come to help celebrate the good times.

i’m not sure how else i would have wanted to celebrate.

thank you again for all who came and for those who were unable to, thank you for the well wishes.