browsing the blogs

sometimes i go and browse the web and click on a link of a once-good friend to see what they are up to.  sometimes i find on their blog that their life and my life have diverged to the point where it is hard for me to even imagine what it used to be like.

there are other blogs that i read where i wish that that person and i still kept in touch, but for reasons that may or may not be beyond my control we just aren’t in touch anymore.  i guess that’s just how life works.  there’s an ebb and flow of people that just come in and out of your life.

i was listening to some radio program this morning and they were talking about how the differences between men and women and how they maintain their friendships.  women will keep in constant contact with each other, call each other up and chat, go out to meet with each other.  what do men do?  one of the radio hosts said that guys don’t do all that stuff and don’t need it.  you are my friend, i don’t need to maintain our friendship, when we meet again, we’ll still be friends.  simple as that.

i wonder if it really is as simple as that.

WANTED: new lunch buddy


The ideal candidate is responsible for providing stimulating, interesting conversation during the lunch hour with me. They must like Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese food. Mexican food is a plus. The ideal candidate must also be able to have lunch in the northern san jose/milpitas area, though excursions out to santa clara, fremont, or sunnyvale are not unreasonable.

A Dutch-style agreement will be arranged for payment of meals. Particularly interesting dating lives that the candidate wants to discuss are welcome.


The candidate must have the following qualification to apply:

  • Be able to provide transportation for themself to a variety of lunch locations in the northern san jose area.
  • Must enjoy most asian cuisines.
  • Must be interesting. (Interesting factor will be determined at interview)
  • Must be fluent in English and have strong communication skills.

The following attributes are desirable, but not required:

  • likes pearl tea
  • likes dessert
  • is attractive
  • is cute
  • is hawt

If you feel like you are a good fit, please send your application to wilco [at]

I am an equal-opportunity lunch eating partner, provided that you are not ugly or stupid.

random meeting

i was waiting to have lunch today and while i was waiting, i saw leeya walking out of the restaurant.  i walked up next to her for a few paces and she didn’t look at me.  instead, she kind of cowered a little as i continued to walk up next to her.

finally, she had gathered up the courage to look at who it was that was walking uncomfortably close to her and she had a disgusted look on her face for this stranger who was encroaching on her personal space.

then she saw me and recognized me and was happy and was like, “oh hi!!”

this makes me wonder if she often gets random guys walking up next to her…