R.I.P. veronica

i came into the office today to do some work and i decided to turn veronica on and listen to some tunes.  imagine my horror when i went to push her buttons and nothing happened!  part of my morning routine is to listen to veronica and drone out the rest of the surrounding noise in the office, but today when i went to veronica she did not utter a word.

i thought something obvious was wrong, maybe she didn’t have enough power for me.  so i tried to feed her, but she was unresponsive.  maybe there was some kind of loose connection…but alas, i checked everything and she looked fine.

i think it’s official.  my ipod is dead.

i’d go and get another one, but the rumor mill has been churning about the new ipods have HUGE video screens so i think i’ll hold out and wait for the new ones to come out.  now, the big question is how am i going to get my tunes while i work?