beauty and the geek winners

i really liked josh and cher.  josh seemed to have been the one who had changed the most and i liked cher quite a bit too.  she’s a bay area native, i think newark or fremont or something is where she was born.

it was really interesting to see how they final showdown was done, it reminded me of a game called compatibility that i have where you basically are trying to match answers with your partner.

i am shocked that joe said that he would change brittany’s innocence.  i think that is one of her most endearing qualities.

i also find it rather shocking that the beauties both said that the thing that they would want to change about themselves is their self-confidence.  they seem to be pretty self-confident in the things that they do.

this reminds me of a conversation that a friend of mine and i had a while back about what we would rather be.  would we rather be very social and maybe dumb or would we rather be socially awkward but really smart.  i can’t remember what i said when we talked back then, but i think that i said that i would rather be a little dumb and socially comfortable because i think that that can get you farther in life.  i’d hate being dumb, though.  =P