5 reasons why i blog

cindy has asked me to write an updated blog entry AND she gave me a topic, so i’ve decided to go ahead and blog.

List 5 reasons why you blog:
1) I started blogging because a friend of mine (a blogger, then) told me that it was a good idea. i believed him and i started blogging. that was…maybe 8 years ago and here i am, still owning a blog. i haven’t been as blog heavy lately because i’ve been so busy with the new house and wedding planning, but i try to update it from time to time.

2) i blog because i like to share the pictures that i took. i haven’t taken pictures recently, though. i really need to start doing that again. i updated my gallery, though, so i think i’ll relaunch the gallery with new pictures.

3) i’ve met a lot of cool people through the blog. some have become friends, some have become stories, and others have come and gone. i even sort of dated someone because of the blog. it’s just interesting to meet people through the blog. we have such a different context of who we are and what is put forth on the blog compared to who we really are. sometimes some people who i would think are totally outgoing and crazy are actually pretty down to earth and normal.

4) blogging is a great outlet for when you need to put thought to paper. maybe it’s not something that you really want to tell someone else, but writing about it to no one in particular gives you the perspective of closure that you want.

5) it’s fun. it used to be that i cared a lot about how many people would read the blog, how to generate more hits, and all, but really, i don’t even look at my stats now. for all i know, i’m the only one who is reading the blog. that’s fine with me. i’ve met some cool people through the blog and am glad that i’m part of the blogging world. so long as it’s fun, i’ll keep doing it.

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