drive…such sweetness, such shortness

the FOX network aired a new show, drive, for the last couple of weeks. i’m a big fan of the show and i can’t believe that it has gotten the ax already! that makes me sad. i actually really liked the whole idea of an illegal, underground, cross-country secret race. i thought it was an original idea (maybe one that wouldn’t have much lasting power because you would imagine that the race would end after a season) and i really wanted to see how it would unfold.

maybe i need to stop watching everything under the sun and be a little more discriminating. the real tragedy is that shows like 30 rock, which aren’t nearly as compelling, get renewed orders, but shows that are fresh and new, like drive, get cancelled after only 4 episodes. what tough times we live in.

One thought on “drive…such sweetness, such shortness”

  1. 30 Rock is a hilarious show, and has the benefit of having a strong lineup around it, and its only a half hour, I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but Alec Baldwin could win awards for his performance on this show.

    Drive is too late in the game, something added this late in the season is really just an attempt to burn episodes and fill a slot. I tried watching the pilot, it put me to sleep. Not many people can commit to a new serial series near the end of the TV season. Wonder how they will fill in the slot now though.

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