LenSoClean broke!

i have been using this little thing for the last 6 years. it is basically this device that will clean your contact lenses with ultrasonic vibrations. think of it as a touchless sonicare toothbrush, but for contacts. there are no bristles involved, just the ultrasonic waves rippling in the chamber.

it’s been pretty good to me, but the other day i put my contacts into the LenSoClean chamber and in the morning i found that my contacts were crispy. it turns out that the device broke and the auto-shutoff never shut off. the result? the solution in the chamber evaporated and my contacts got dry.

i had to throw out the pair of contacts and device, but i have been happy with it so i ordered a unit from amazon. it should be coming in a few days and then i’ll be back to my normal clean contact routine.

3 thoughts on “LenSoClean broke!”

  1. I want to place an order for one but i cannot find it anywhere, could you please give me a link to where you purchased from,

    Thanks much

  2. i ordered mine from amazon, but amazon was just reselling it through aclens.com. it looks like neither place offers it anymore, though. sorry and good luck!

  3. I just got 2 of them off ebay.. And, used it first time last night. Put contacts in this morning, and no more itching, or other problems I’ve had for the last few days. I’m also a new contact lense wearer.. And, this has really helped.. Just goto ebay, and put in LenSoClean and it’ll pull it right up. The guy is selling brand new, boxed units, and also selling just the machine.. Quick to ship as well… Good luck!

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