door to door cologne salesman

after getting lunch yesterday i was approached by a young guy probably in his late teens to early 20s. now, mind you, we’re in a parking lot of a restaurant and he’s trolling around and approaches me.

him: hi, do you like to smell good?
me: (freaking out a little that this was the start of a bad pick-up line) …
him: (whipping out a box of something or another) because if you do, wouldn’t you like to smell good with some cologne?
me: (relieved that he isn’t picking up on me) uh, no thanks.
him: how come? you don’t want to smell good?
me: not really.
him: everybody wants to smell good! don’t you want to get with the ladies?
me: i’m married.
him: don’t you want to get with the lady?
me: haha, no thanks.
him: alright, man, have a good one.

i know that back in the day there were door to door salesmen. i’m sure that kids have fundraisers and they sell cookies or chocolates or candy or something, but cologne?? man, what a weird world we live in.

4 thoughts on “door to door cologne salesman”

  1. If you believe those emailed urban legends, you came just within a hair’s breadth of getting murdered.

    You know the one I’m talking about. Guy approaches people (usually women) in a mall parking lot, talking about sampling cologne, you politely sniff a hankie or a bottle he puts in your face, it turns out to be chloroform and you pass out, he steals your car and/or kidneys…

  2. lol re: cindy’s comment.

    i had a kid come to my door recently trying to sell me a subscription to the local newspaper. i told him i get all my news online, and he just looked so sad. (probably because he realizes he does too!)

  3. i had to kick one of those assholes out of my store today.

    they had the nerve to walk up to the counter and start pitching their garbage cologne to my employees.

    whoever is spearheading this shit needs to be brought out and shot.

  4. Me too Alyssa, except they started soliciting my customers. This people are pushy little bastards too.

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