the search for the pencil sharpener

who uses real wooden pencils anymore? imagine my surprise to see that the supply room is stocked with #2 pencils. seriously, who in the tech sector still uses a wooden pencil. it seems to outdated… that didn’t stop me from picking up two pencils, though. they came pre-sharpened so i started using them right away. it’s been a few weeks now and they are pretty dull so i went to sharpen them. but then i realized that i don’t have a pencil sharpener because, you know, who uses wooden pencils anymore?!

but for someone to stock pencils means that there must be a pencil sharpener in the building somewhere…so i went to seek out the pencil sharpener.

maybe it’s in the supply room? nope.

maybe one of the ASIC machine supporters have one. nope.

i was just about to give up and i checked my mail. it looks like there was actually quite a bit of junk mail in my mailbox so i cleared it out and recycled it. then, next to the recycle bin i spotted it. it looks like it was made in the 80s but it still worked so i stuck my pencil in it and it sharpened away. now…i just need to find some paper to write on…

One thought on “the search for the pencil sharpener”

  1. As a true testament to your social commentary about the modern age, when I read that you went to check your mail and was clearing out your junk mail from your mailbox, I thought you were checking your email and clearing spam out of your email box, so I had to go back and reread to figure out how you found the pencil sharpener while checking your email.

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