dinner with warren and friends

last night a bunch of us went out to the cheesecake factory to have dinner and catch up since warren was in town. it was good to see everyone and catch up with warren. warren and i have been talking at great length about projectors. he has one installed at his place and i have been thinking about getting one for the house. my room is pretty small though and i never realized just how much work there is to getting the projector to work. there is all sorts of research that needs to be done on projector technologies, offset angles, screens, mounts, and the like.

i think it is a telling sign when the last two big gatherings that i’ve been to have had topics of conversation which include life insurance, long term health insurance, taxes, financial instruments, sod, and remodeling. i swear it was with the same bunch of people that i used to talk about crazy girls and dates that we’ve been on, the best place to eat a burrito, or what computer game we should go play later that night. i guess we are all getting older…

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