lowepro rezo 15

i went to fry’s over the weekend to look at camera bags for the throwaway camera. i wasn’t sure at first what exactly i was looking for, but as i was looking through the wall of camera bags that they had available, i started to form some opinions. i didn’t find exactly what i was looking for, but i came pretty close. i ended up not getting a leather case, i wasn’t sure how it would scuff up, though i thought that that would be a good material to buy.

the criteria for a small camera pouch:
1) adequate protection
the main reason i wanted to get a case is so that the LCD won’t get scratched up. the case needs to protect the camera from scratches and it would be good if it could provide some protection from drops too.

2) small
the smaller, the better. it has to be a small case, ideally, it would be something that i can comfortably fit into a pocket. well, you know, a pocket in some really baggy jeans or something.

3) easy access
a LOT of small camera cases have zipper openers. i didn’t want to have to deal with a zipper. i think that it just takes too long, can get snagged on something, and just was not aesthetically pleasing. i think it makes it look cheap.

4) room for accessories
it’s got to be a small case, but it has to be big enough to carry an extra battery and memory. you’d be surprised how many small camera cases don’t have any storage for accessories. i don’t want to store a tripod in the camera, but an extra battery would definitely be helpful.

so what did i end up with? a lowepro rezo 15. it has a velcro opener, a small pouch for accessories, a nice padded inside. it’s a little fatter and thicker than i had wanted, but it will serve its purpose well. i have to admit that i was debating between two bags and the inner camera snob in me choose the lowepro over the generic brand bag. but now it looks like my big camera bag had a little camera bag baby. it’s cute.

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