alice summerthing

i decided pretty last minute to go to alice’s summerthing at golden gate park on sunday. i wasn’t too familiar with the bands that were playing, but after doing a little research, i realized that i really liked them. for an event called summerthing, you’d think that it would be warmer than 60 degrees, but this is san francisco and boy was it cold.

secondhand serenade is this guy who used to play all sorts of instruments until his girlfriend told him that she wants him to serenade her, but he’s not going to be able to serenade her with a bass guitar. he picked up a guitar and started to write songs for her. these were serenades that he wrote to her and that we get to listen to secondhand. and that’s how secondhand serenade came to be. we missed his performance, though, which is a bummer because i really like his music.

the second artist up was marie digby. i don’t think that i’ve heard her before, but her set was pretty good.

the last goodnight played and they were actually very good. i really like their songs too, but i never knew who sang them until summerthing.

ingrid michaelson was personable, fun, and a good singer. i was not that fond of her version of somewhere over the rainbow to close out her set, but the sun did start to peek through after she sang that.

and lifehouse sounds great live. their set was pretty good, though i didn’t recognize most of the songs.

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